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Cover up, what cover up?

Step into the brand new world of our distorted reality. A world in which cover-ups are the norm, every action has some sweet sweet spin on it, alt facts equal gospel and los banditos locos: Cuckoo Kelly Anne, spice nugget and 45, dj our united American experience. Oh that spice rack.

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All bands are not created equal, especially the ones who do covers.

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And while this crew continues to drag us towards the 9th circle, I’m reminded of the good ole days. Cue the brothers Barry and Biden please. Lucky for you, our 4th installment of Cover Cuts features no hacks from B-Squad nation, the absence of any love for Mother Russia and is just straight truth.

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In the tradition that is this mixtape, we once again bring you an array of some of the best music ever released and the artist’s who’ve paid proper tribute to them.

We proudly present Cover Cuts IV.

TODAY’S FRIENDS INCLUDE: Jack Wilkins, The Persuasions, Jamie XX, The Avalanches, Ice Cube, the Beatles, Bill Withers, Pretty Lights, Drake, Stan Getz, the Talking Heads and more.


Cover Cuts IV | A Soul Dynamic Mixtape

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