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Tom Petty and the Mad Hatter’s Last Dance

A loss of an icon is never an easy thing to coup with. As media reports, yesterday, circulated our space a range of emotions played out throughout the day; grief, sadness, hope, admiration.

We began reading stories of memories and accounts of what, Tom Petty, meant to so many people. Words can help alleviate some of these feelings but they only really limit the reach this man had with his music, his impact on culture, and his influence on generations of fans who identified with the sound of his voice and rhythm on his guitar.

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His music played as a soundtrack to so many. It’s a document of a place and a time, of friendships, of moments, of attitudes, and history.

Thank you, Tom.

Thank you for your words, thank you for your spirit.

Thank you for your art, thank you for your love, and thank you for your music that will forever be timeless.

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Mad Hatter’s Last Dance | A Soul Dynamic Mixtape

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