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Love is Love is Love is…

It’s not a gun issue.

Not a sanity issue.

Nor a LGBT, race, or religious one.

And if you want to turn it into a political affair, then the gravity of the situation is truly lost on you.

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It’s larger than all of these, but simply put, it’s a human issue.

To use our great common tools, our hearts and minds, is the key. To be affected by this tragedy enough to act now is the answer.

And our actions must remain continuous.

Eliminate the gun, and you come close to eliminating the problem. Obviously it will never be that simple, you gotta start somewhere though.

Constantly and consistently finding excuses for guns to exist in our country – is a conscious choice to ignore the ongoing epidemic.

And if both sides refuse to yield, the needle will only continue to stagnate.

Lying to ourselves, sweeping this under the rug, surrendering to the mindset that these tragedies are the commonplace new norm, will just lead us down the same vicious path we’ve been on for far too long.

Remember the definition of insanity?

Other nations, far less greater than ours, have decided to put their hearts and minds to work for progress.

Why can’t ours, born of justice, born of beauty, do the same?

On that note, Lin-Manuel Miranda summed it up best at last night’s Tony Awards. Spread love this week.


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