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III Points Music, Arts and Technology festival took over Wynwood in Miami this past weekend. Here’s our words and pictures.

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It’s an explosion of sorts. One set off by the rhythm of a drum beat, a sequence programmed or otherwise a recording. Inaudible melodies, high fidelity dreaming.

Dark matter of an after thought getting lost in the after hours.

Smoke and mirrors. Lights and music.

teed, iii points, 2015, soul dynamic, underground

This is Miami, maybe a version few recognize but a voice everyone hears from time to time.

The one trying to tell you to stay awake, the other telling you to go home back to bed. Spray paint is its ocean and concrete is its beach.

Listening to the singer, sing. The selector, select. And the writer, write.

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It’s an expression of sorts. Vocalized by youth, amplified by our culture or lack there of.

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And if perception is continuity of community, then this space we occupy is our living depiction of a tribe, awkward settlement or in-cohesive union.

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In this arena we’ll score you III Points for participation amidst the torrent of humidity and downpour of precipitation.

nicholas jaar, iii points, 2015, soul dynamic

The Magic city is magic in times like this. In this collision of imagination and potential.

Empress Of, III Points 2015, the soul dynamic

Always potential.

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teed, iii points, music, art, tech, soul dynamic


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Neon Indian, iii points, 2015, soul dynamic

Till we reach the tipping point as a consequence of embracing this idea of the “Power of 3

iii points, disco ball, soul dynamic

Left in wonderment of what will happen tomorrow in the shadow of the light.

iii points art, datainstalled, music festival, miami, soul dynamic

In the movement of the day.

power of 3, iii points, soul dynamic

The battle against uniformity and conformity to exist in a way we see fit.

iii points, music, bus, 2015, soul dynamic

To rise above. To rage against. Together.

 Writer + Photographer |  Ditto Ramirez

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