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“LOVE the shows that are as much about the crowd as they are about the band. That’s how it should be always. YOU guys make it matter.” – Jack Antonoff lead singer of Bleachers


The man has a point. Last Thursday the energy in Webster Hall was infectious and the crowd rode a glorious high all night long. In one of the best shows of the year, we were part of an event that was fueled by pure fire. Within minutes of go time, the crowd instantly became the backup vocals, dancers, noise makers and energy shakers for music’s newest sensation. A crowd that every band wished showed up to their shows…NYC did not disappoint.


“That was the best NYC show I’ve ever played…and I’ve been playing in NY since the continental in 2002. THANK YOU to a perfect crowd”

Jack’s interaction with the crowd felt like he was playing at his high school talent show and knew everyone in the audience – way more than not just a celebrity VIP lineup. His energy and excitement to be performing on that stage was exhilarating, and let me not forget to mention the confetti saxophone player. Yup, a saxophone was involved and it fucking rocked.

Bleachers are one of those bands that does not do it for the fame and glory, they create music because they’ve got fucking talent and want to share it with the world. To that I say thank you. That show was a show I will be talking about for years to come.

Co-Written by Monica Apodaca and Katie Henry | Photographer Katie Henry

Check out some of the video highlights and more photos from the show below:



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