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THE TUESDAY MIXTAPE | 5.27.14 We’ve been messing with the Magic City for sometime now. And along with the perfect weather, sandy beaches and luxurious life-style the music plays a…..

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Deep House Mix #1 | Tuesday Mixtape THE TUESDAY MIXTAPE | 4.22.14 We’ve been known to rock a mixtape or two in our day, and throughout our time running this…..

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Dogblood at work 4am in Miami @boysnoize @skrillex #wmc #bnrinvasion #owsla #lmnt #mmw #igvideo #edm (at www.thesouldynamic.com) (Source: http://instagram.com/)

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10 BEST WMC/MMW Parties

What starts on March 21st won’t end until sometime early in the morning on March 31st. That is if you’re still standing and alive to recount the story to your…..

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THE TUESDAY MIXTAPE | 3.11.14  It’s that time of year again, a festivus for the rest of us and a lazy spring for the domesticated house cat types – you…..