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The Best of 2014 Mixtape

It’s that time of year folks. A time to gather around Kristoph Cringle’s magical tree, spread joy to your loved ones and make lists. Lists for presents, resolutions and more…..

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The Friday Jumpoff | “Soul Food”

It was a busy week life wise, as I’m sure it was for you. This weekend, don’t forget where you come from and be sure to remember what it’s all…..

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The Tuesday Mixtape | “Sunday Soul”

Keeping the good times rolling as we keep re-caping some of our favorite content of 2014. Last week we hit ya with what we thought 2014 sounded like and this…..

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Dynamic Artist Interview / BØRNS

I still crack a smile thinking back to this interview. Last Friday I had the pleasure of speaking to an extremely talented artist by the name of BØRNS. Not only…..

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Singled Out | “Goodbye and Good Luck”

Tis the season. Right about now, everyone you know is using this phrase. Yes, it’s the holiday season, got it. Thanks. But with the dawning of these days of celebration,…..

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The Monday Morning Motivate | “Failure”

What’s up fam. We have a big week for you, including the regulars and an exclusive interview with BØRNS. And here’s an oldie, but goodie the myth, the legend, James…..

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One Band’s Passion | The Kin

Twas the Night before Thanksgiving, and all through the city, a band named, The Kin, was prepping to play Brooklyn. All right, enough with the rhymes & games. Early last…..