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The Monday Morning Motivate

It’s about doing what you love. Today’s motivate comes from a crew of dancers who show off their power and energy making it clear what their all about. This week…..

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The Friday Jumpoff | “Bother”

Quick & Fast…if you blinked this week you probably got punched in the face, so check the mirror and get some ice on that black eye we gave. Seb Gorey…..

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Dynamic Show Review | “Empires”

Well kids, hope you are all having a great week…it is almost the weekend people, go forth. Anyways, last weekend I saw Empires at Baby’s All Right and it was…..

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The Tuesday Mixtape | “The Quickie”

The quickie. For years a technique both men and women have used to get in one last human joy ride before the shot clock of life runs out. #noviolationsplease Here…..