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Jan 2015 | The Tuesday Mixtape

How’s that January treating you? If you’re in the northeast, we know, with a whole bunch of harsh elements. As for the rest of the country, no comment. I hope…..

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The Friday Jumpoff | “Sober”

We’re going to end the week out in style. Those of you looking for Sharon Jones, be sure to join us tomorrow  as we have a solid read in store…..

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Mad Man | RJD2

RJD2 is one of the best artists you’ll never know. An ultimate beat guru with proven potential to reach the masses, it’s a shame he doesn’t have more of a…..

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The Friday Jumpoff | “MLKMN – EL Bajo”

Gracias Señors y Señoras you’re much appreciated and we’re happy that you can join us, it’s been another lovely week here at the TSD offices. In order to celebrate the…..