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Because everybody has a cover, what’s yours?

You cover for your boss at status while she’s out to lunch shopping. She covers for her husbands lack of growth + maturity with his father-in-law, telling him, “Dad, Johnny will get there one day I promise, he has vision.” Johnny covers for his best friend Bobby, letting Bobby’s wife know her hubby is having the time of his life at Boy’s night this Wednesday, but in reality, Bobby’s a field agent for the Central Intelligence Agency, so his security clearance prevents him from telling the love of his life how he truly brings home that cheddar.

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The same goes for music. Musicians are constantly robbing Peter’s samples to pay big bad record man Paul.

And we fucking love it.

With tunes, influence is what we gift each other in passing, keeping relationships with friends alive with a,”Have you heard the new…” or a, “Oh hell yes, that new album is dope!!!”

What we love about this art is it’s infinite ability to build on the old while creating the new.

This week’s mix is dedicated to the real fans of the deepest cuts, the ones willing to see how all the dots are connected.

And with that we present Cover Cuts III.

TODAY’S FRIENDS INCLUDE: Patsy Cline, Michael Jackson, Chicago, Frank Ocean, Sly and the Family Stone, Chance the Rapper, Christine and the Queens, Chromatics, Elvin Bishop, Little Beaver, Kindness, Roy Ayers and more.

Cover Cuts Cover

Cover Cuts III | A Soul Dynamic Mixtape

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