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Well kids, hope you are all having a great week…it is almost the weekend people, go forth.

Anyways, last weekend I saw Empires at Baby’s All Right and it was a great show. First time at BAR (yes, that’s Baby’s All Right) – def going back. Super intimate feel, which I feel like is getting harder and harder to genuinely find here in NYC. Sound balance was a bit much (some elements were just louder than others), but it just took some getting used to.



Walked in during the middle of their set and was immediately drawn in. Solid openers. They kind of had this 90’s rock/punk sound going on, and I was into it. Brought me back to the days of the Warped Tour (anyone else that kid?).

It’s unfortunate that the venue was small, because I think these guys could have really rocked out. They’re local (from Long Island), so be sure to check them out next time they’re in town. We’re working on interviewing them now, stay tuned for the details.

A few good listens:



At last – Empires! I was really looking forward to these guys, as I had no idea what to expect from their live performance. Tom was really great to talk to last week (check here for that), so I was amped to see what they brought. Well kids…these guys exceeded all expectations. Sean Van Vleet, lead vocals, was absolutely amazing in the flesh. I was already obsessing over his voice on the record, but hearing it live was a whole new experience. He also did a great job interacting with crowd.

For awhile now I’ve been trying to compare Empires to someone or some band or something. But I haven’t been able to put my finger on it. And then it clicked. Sean’s voice is really like no other. I think most would agree that he has a unique sound about him. Paired with a killer band – you can’t really go wrong.


During their song “Please Don’t Tell My Lover” one girl had to walk away from the stage, as she was weeping uncontrollably. Now it could have been because she dropped her drink, but I have a feeling she was just so moved by the music, she couldn’t help holding it in anymore. Music has that kind of power people, and we should never forget that.

A few good listens:

Empires – We Lost Magic

Photographer | Katie Henry









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