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Photos from our three day adventure at the 2015 Coachella Music & Arts Festival

As weekend two is set to open its flood gates of love and music this morning, we’re closing the final chapter of our Coachella story with the photos and good people that made last weekend so memorable. From the Do Lab to the Main stage Coachella opened our eyes and ears again to what life is really about. Letting go and being happy.

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Enjoy the photos!

Coachella 2015, soul dynamic

Coachella 2015, Jungle, soul dynamic

Coachella 2015, crew love

duke dumont, souldynamic, coachella 2015

Coachella 2015, souldynamic, music, arts, culutre, amplifying sound culture

Coachella terrace, do lab, yuma tent, souldynamic

Disco Shark, Yuma Tent, soul dynamic, coachella 2015

Kaskade main stage Coachella

the hat of wisdom coachella

coachella mainstage, St lucia, souldynamic, soul dynamic

coachella, artwork, soul dynamic, sahara tent


coachella 2015

coachella 2015, best photos, soul dynamic, amplifying sound culture

Coachella best photos, sunset photo, coachella, soul dynamic, amplifying sound culture

Do Lab, Coachella 2015, Coachella , souldynamic, amplifying sound culture

Coahella 2015, main stage, two girls, soul dynamic, amplifying sound culture

Do Lab, Coachella, water guns, soul dynamic,

Do Lab Boat, SS, Coachella 2015

coachella, squad goals, soul dynamic, friends, best of

Todd Terje, coachella 2015, soul dynamic

Hot Natured, Coachella, Jamie Jones, benediction, soul dynamic

Coachella Main Stage, Alt J, Soul Dynamic

Coachella, do lab, 2015, bonobo, soul dynamic


coachella lamp shade phot0

Coachella Tycho 2015

Photography by: Ditto Ramirez


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