Amplifying Sound Culture.

That’s what we’re about and that’s the type of content we aim to provide to our readers. We want to shift the focus – engage you by evolving the conversation – to exploit your galvanizing self and create a site where like-minded individuals can come to connect to electrifying musical experiences.

Whether we’re covering groundbreaking new artists or posting gorgeous photography – we believe inspiration is omnipresent. Most definitely when it comes to music. People are inspired by both the grand gestures and seemingly insignificant moments of life. Those moments often spark momentum for the greater ones. And that’s what we’re here to build. Consider this your home in the running down of your dreams.





Rene Ramirez | Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief

The moments before a band takes the stage are my favorite. Restless energy, anticipation dripping from the crowd and the countless conversations — “It’s all happening…”

Ditto and I started the Soul Dynamic as an inspirational blog rooted in the context of art and culture. Then the music took over. Nothing’s been the same since.

Our shared vision is to learn, evolve and inspire while having a whole lot of fun along the way. Music’s beauty is in it’s ability to accomplish all of these ambitions while bringing everyone closer in the process.

That’s us.

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Ditto Ramirez | Co-Founder and Managing Editor 

Student of the Dark Arts | Lover of Advanced Abstract Concepts | Connoisseur of street tacos with a slight fascination for woogie music, old buildings, cartoons, cheap spanish wine, tasteful photographs & good graphic design

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Katie Henry | Photography Editor and Contributor

My first camera was given to me at a very young age when film was a thing and you were limited to the amount of photographs you could take. As cameras evolved so did my passion for capturing the life I was living. In NYC the subjects have been endless, my portfolio consists of everything from live shows to portraits, food and street based photography.

My love for music was not far behind photography and after a random run in with Rene at a concert in Brooklyn, a collaboration between a writer and a photographer was born. We’ve covered some of our favorite bands in almost every venue in the city, we’ve sang, we’ve danced and we’ve captured those moments through our words and images.

It’s been an amazing ride


Fragile, agile, frighteningly strong. One’s intrinsic beauty and unlimited potential is not an antic.
Rather a wonderful entity, a catalytic vehicle in-touch with higher jurisdictions. Yet humans, at times neglect to nurture their spiritual intellect. Holding down evolutionary growth, while sadly looming in strife life states, as slaves to mental restrictions.


Force, positivity and energy quantified to the boundless power. What lies deeply immersed within us all — is curiously fierce intensity. Passionate fuel — when left untapped…or used for atrocities — causes spontaneous combustion. Leaving the war inside us raging on, as we battle between our exceptional and defective propensities. Present is the moment calling us to answer fates polarization.


Our frantic, our indispensable, human element. Without this characteristic, we are bound to suffer death from within. Actions must be taken to rid ourselves of heartless apathy and unleash life’s unadulterated joy into this existence. Inherent, our infinite talent. Prepared we must be to release it perpetually. Our bodies the transcendent instrument and the world our canvass.