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WMC and MMW might be a week early this year, but the vibrations could never be louder. You hear that? The “thump” is arriving to Miami and it’s bringing with it over 500+ Djs and 300+ events spread out around our wonderful city. Just like every year The Soul Dynamic is here to steer you in the right direction. With no shortage of things to do in the Magic City, we’re providing you lovely readers with a brief list of parties and events we feel are worth your time and hard earned dinero.

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We all work hard for the money, let us help you try and spend it on a good time. All aboard…here we go as we countdown the 10 Best WMC MMW Parties of 2016!!!

10. HARD Miami


Why you should go: Miami Bass is back!!! It’s not like it ever left the 305, but people are taking notice. What was old is new again and this is no different. Give it up to Destructo and crew to bring 2 Live Crew to their party, plus a bunch of DJs we never have a problem seeing either.

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Why you should go: The prince of Vapor Wave? Maybe, but over the last few years, XXYYXX, has been making a name for himself as one of future bass’s most innovative producers. With an eclectic mix of pop-fused electronic R&B, XXYYXX, delivers board soundscapes and colors that are both melodic and inspiring.

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8. Andhim’s Superfriends


Why you should go: The duo of, Simon & Tobias are bringing their European sound to MMW and they’re doing it with a little help from their friends. What better company to be in, than in the presence of your German homies, Roman Fugel & H.O.S.H, mix in a little Kolsch and Superflu and you have yourself what we like to call a “Party.” Treehouse is the spot Thursday is the time.

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7. Slap & Tickle – Oasis

Oasis at the Freehand

Why you should go: Slap & Tickle is Miami. When the dust clears these guys will still be here for you every Tuesday night at Bardot and Saturday’s on the roof at E11EVEN keeping the good vibes going. For any visitor that really wants to experience the culture of our city, this is the place you need to be! Oh, it doesn’t hurt that it won’t cost you a thing.

Ticket Link: IT’s FREE SUCKAS

6. Sound | Waves with Lee Burridge & HOJ


Why you should go: No trip to WMC/MMW can be complete without a little day or night time maritime trip around Biscayne Bay. Dance Music is awesome, dance music on the open water is even more awesome. Throw in a dance music legend in, Lee Burridge, and you have all the ingredients to make the magic happen. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and a light jacket required.

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5. Carl Cox presents: His Disco, Funk, and Soul Event

Carl Cox

Why you should go: When you basically own two days and the name of a stage at ULTRA you have carte blanche to do whatever the hell you want. What better reason than to throw a little disco party for a few of your friends. The Basement provides the perfect backdrop and Carl Cox provides the perfect vibes.

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4. Dubfire B2b Chris Liebing


Why you should go: Dubfire has been carrying the scene on his back since day one. This legend holds down the white sands of, Ibiza, every summer and the beaches of BPM during the winter so it isn’t any coincidence that he would keep Miami on lock. Space Miami, doesn’t know what’s about to hit ’em, especially, when you add in some epic B2B sets and a solid undercard that can only add to the good times. This is a heavyweight title fight for sure.

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3. Mind Against & DJ Tennis


Why you should go: The electric pickle is the place to be come tomorrow night. Over the last few WMC/MMW’s the name of DJ Tennis has been synonymous with legendary sets and marathon performances. The Life & Death label boss is setting the tone for the week with this party bringing, Mind Against, onboard to a night that’s sure to last till the wee hours of the morning.

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2. Don’t Sit By The Ocean


Why you should go: Behrouz, the man responsible for one of Miami’s best dance venues, Don’t Sit on the Furniture, is taking his brand of partying outside for Don’t Sit By the Ocean. The views and energy that will be coming out of this spot are going to be amazing. Needless to say the line up is a special one and the atmosphere will only add to this memorable night.

Ticket Link:

1. Get Lost

Crosstown_Rebels Get lost

Why you should go: Twenty-Four straight hours of music. Let that one sink in for a second. The Rebel Rave now in its 11th session has been a cornerstone of underground music and Miami Music Week for the last decade. The line-up is insane and on par with any festival being produced, check the roster and tell us any different. Anyone who’s anyone will be here. This one’s only for the strong.



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